What Is Old And New Everest Base Camp

Did you check Everest Base Camp North and South? Nepal Base Camp is known as south and the one in Tibet in known as North. Check map publish by Himalayan Map House, you will see two base camps in Nepal.

  • Everest Base Camp New
  • Everest Base Camp Old

I found many trekkers and guides are unaware about this multiple base camp in Nepal. If you go there, you will find a single trail in between Gorakshep and Base Camp. As mentioned in the map there is no two base camps or multiple trails!

I did a little research and came to know the facts about these twin base camp in Nepal. The one that people are trekking these days is the new one.

Everest Base Camp Old

This is the old base camp just below the Nuptse Icefall. It was in use a long ago during early Everest Expedition. You need to traverse next side of Khumbu Glacier for this camp. This is not in use anymore. It will eventually merge with climbing route from new base camp, somewhere below Lho La Wall. Ask your guide for this!

This place was also considered unstable, so with growing commercial expedition over Everest, they look for wide and stable place. New base camp is the result of this search.

Everest Base Camp New

As mentioned above, Everest Base Camp New is the result of mushrooming commercial expedition teams over Everest. The old one was small and unstable, just below the icefall of Nuptse. This is the one with lots of prayers flag. During expedition time there will be lots of tent fixed for climbers and support base camp.

You will realize the need of new camp, once you get there.