kyajo Ri Peak Climbing

Bordering Gokyo and Thame valley, Kyajo Ri is technical peak climbing in Everest. It is a rarely climbed peaks. Often miss spelled as Kyazo Ri Peak. Base camp can be easily approached from Thame. But for better acclimatization it is recommended to go from Gokyo Valley and Chola Pass. This is a very difficult peak to climb in compare to it’s neighbors, i.e. Island, Lobuche, Pokalde and Mera Peaks.

  • Scottish Grade II & snowy slopes with 55 degree angle

Three camps should be set for climbing, i.e. Base Camp, Camp I and Camp II. Trail to base camp pass through Mende, a place where legend Tenzing Norgay Sherpa was born. You will need climbing permit from NMA.

Update Nov 2015: Case is ongoing in the Nepalese court, it might be either continued by NMA or handover to Immigration.

National Park Entry Permit for Sagarmatha is needed. TIMS card is not needed after obtaining climbing permit. Starting from Base Camp at 4550 m, Camp I is set at 5350 and Camp II at 5700 m.

Kyajo RI peak everest

Necessary permits for Kyajo Ri Peak

  • Kyajo Ri Peak Climbing Permit
  • Sagarmatha National Park Entry Permit

After recent updates in the peak climbing permit cost, Kyajo Ri Peak Climbing rules is changed. Here is a link for updated permit cost. New permit structure doesn’t allow climbers to share the permit cost. It should be obtained individually. Nearest point to rent necessary climbing gears is Namche. There are no teahouses in Base Camp.

Kyajo Ri Peak Climbing Itinerary

  • Kyajo Ri Base Camp to Kyajo Ri Camp I
  • Kyajo Ri Camp I to Camp II and descend back to Camp I
  • Kyajo Ri Camp I to Camp II
  • Kyajo Ri Camp II to summit and back to Camp II
  • Camp II to Thame

There are multiple options to reach Base Camp. You can pass through Chola Pass or directly from Namche. Also you can hike trek independently and join guide for climbing in Thame. Here is information about general trekking itinerary in Everest. Also don’t forget to check outline general map. This peak is best climbed in fall and spring.

Kyajo Ri Peak Best Climbing Time

  • October to November
  • April to May

There will be 46 % oxygen present in the summit of Kyajo Ri Peak. Below is the chart displaying oxygen percentage in various elevation. You can download it in PDF format if necessary.

Altitude Oxygen Rate
In meter In feet
8850 29,035 33 %
8000 26,247 36 %
7000 22,966 41 %
6000 19,865 47 %
5500 18,045 50 %
5200 17,061 52 %
5000 16,404 53 %
4500 14,764 57 %
4000 13,123 60 %
3500 11,483 64 %
3000 9,843 68 %
2500 8,202 73 %
1000 3,281 88 %
Sea Level 100 %


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