Necessary Permits for Everest Trek

Everything you need to know about necessary permits | Updated information

Before October 1st, 2017

Tourism Agency Association of Nepal (TAAN) issues and implement the Trekker’s Information Management System (TIMS) Card. In Everest this system existed until September 30th 2017. There used to be two separate types of TIMS Card:

TIMS Card for Independent Trekker

  • Green in color
  • Rs 2000 Per Person
  • Required two copies of photos
  • Need to be self present on TIMS Counter

TIMS Card for Organized Trekker

  • Blue in color
  • Rs 1000 Per Person
  • Required one copy of photo
  • Arranged by local trekking agency

Note: TIMS Card is still valid in other trekking regions of Nepal.

After October 1st 2017

everest base camp trek new permit
New local entry permit for Everest ©

With decentralization now giving basic rights to local authority TIMS Card is no longer valid for Everest Base Camp Trek. The new local permit system is enforced and it can be obtained only in Lukla. This will cost Rs 2000 for both organized and individual independent trekkers. You do not need photo for this permit.

Sagarmatha National Park Entry Permit

You still need to obtain the Sagarmatha National Park (SNP) Entry Permit, worth Rs 3000 plus 13% tax, i.e. Rs 3390 Per Person. You do not need a photo for this permit. This permit can be issued directly in National Park Entrance at Monjo or you can issue it in Tourism Board Kathmandu.

Additional Permit for Jiri to Everest Base Camp Trek

Gaurishankar Conservation Area Project (GCAP) Entry Permit

Certain parts of Jiri to Everest Base Camp is protected under Gaurishankar Conservation Area Project. So you need to obtain the entry permit. It will cost Rs 2000 for both organized and independent trekker and you have to issue this in Tourism Board Kathmandu.

If you are trekking independently, then you will need two photos and you have to fill up the form. If you want to save time, then just download, print and fill up this application form and go to the Tourism Board. For organized trekkers you will need only one photo and this will be issued by your agency.

Trekker’s Information Management System (TIMS) Card

You will still need the TIMS card, as there are TIMS checkpoints on route from Jiri to Lukla.

Summary of Necessary Permits for Everest Base Camp Trek

  • Local Entry Permit Rs. 2000 | Can be obtained in Lukla | Do not a need photo
  • Sagarmatha National Park Entry Permit Rs 3390 | Can be obtained in Tourism Board, Kathmandu or National Park Entrance at Monjo | Do not a need photo

Additional to above permits for Jiri to Everest Base Camp

  • Gaurishankar Conservation Area Project (GCAP) | Rs 2000 | Need two photo for independent trekkers and one photo for organized trekkers | Have to be issued in Tourism Board Kathmandu
  • Trekker’s Information Management System (TIMS) | Green in color, Rs 2000 and two photos for independent trekker | Blue in color, Rs 1000 and one photo for organized trekker

Bonus read: Detailed information about where, when and how to issue the necessary permits for independent trekker for Everest Base Camp Trek.

46 Replies to “Necessary Permits for Everest Trek”

  1. Hello,

    So just to confirm if I was independently doing EBC October 2018 I do not need the Green TIMS card? And I don’t need to get any permits in Kathmandu, I can get all permits from Lukla and Monjo?


      1. Hi Robert,

        TIMS card is not applicable for trekking in Everest. I assure you that there won’t be any problem with the permits you have to buy one in Lukla (NPR 2000) and one in Monjo (NPR 3390).

        If you go from Jiri you will need Gaurishankar Conservation Area Project Entry Permit (NPR 3000).

        Would be great to hear from Laura about her experience 🙂

        Regards Pradeep,

  2. Hi, may i ask how do we get free copy of trekking nepal map ebc and local city bus route? Is it in airport or nepal tourism board, tims counter kathmandu or hostel, do they have one? Thanks!

    Sim card what is the best options if data can we use at trek ebc?and how much? Tq so much

  3. How long is the permit valid for? We are doing three pass trek in November, so just to reconfirm we need local entry permit and national park entry permit only?

  4. Hello,we will be hiking independently to EBC and going through Cho La pass to Gokyo. I understand that TIMs permit is no longer required. I believe that for the treks I’m doing, we only need the local permit and Sagarmatha national park entry permit. Any idea where exactly in Lukla that we go to issue both permits? And also what time does the place for permit issuance open and close?

    Thank you

    1. Yes, you will need only local permit and national park permit for Gokyo Chola Pass EBC Trek.

      Both permit offices are right on the trail, they will make sure you obtain the permit 🙂

      It will be open from early morning, I will say around 6:00 am they will be opened and also around 6:00 pm they will close.

      Hope this help Aliza. Enjoy your hike!

  5. Hello – we are planning to walk from Jiri, by-passing Lukla in Oct 2018. If we by-pass Lukla are we able to obtain all necessary permits in Kathmandu and Monjo?

    1. Very interesting, actually when you walk from Jiri you will most likely by-pass Lukla, and I am not sure about the permit office in Phakding for local permit.

      I will ask one of local guide from Lukla and let you know about the local permit.

  6. Hey, we’re from Bangladesh going for 3 passes trek on 28th. We’ll go by salleri-namche route… For that we won’t need to go to Lukla. So, do we actually need that local permit? If so, then where we can get that except Kathmandu?

    1. This is I am also not sure, as you will directly go to Phakding via Surke without going to Lukla. May be they will have a checkpoint ahead of Lukla where you should be able to buy.

      I am trying to contact some local guide about this. May be you can update how things goes
      once you complete the trek.

      Enjoy your hike!

  7. Hi Pradeep, thank you for lots of important information.
    We are goint to do EBC trek through Gokyo Chola Pass EBC Trek. one way we will fly to Lukla so we need Local Entry Permit & Sagarmatha National Park Entry Permit. This is clear. But we will come back to Kathmandu not by plane but through Saleri or Jiri (but probably to Saleri). So can you please let us know do we need this additional permits for Gaurishankar Conservation Area Project (GCAP) and Trekker’s Information Management System (TIMS)?
    After EBC we will go to Annapurna Circuit and others Parks so how should we fulfill TIMS registration form? especially in the part regarding”trekking area” and “route of trakking”?

    We will be three months in Nepal so we woud like to do some more trekkings than only EBC and Annapurna 🙂

    Thank You for the answer !

    1. If you come back from Salleri (Phaplu) you will not need Gaurishankar Conservation Area Project (GCAP) Permit and TIMS Card. You can check the online map which shows the area of GCAP (Certain part of below Kinja only):

      But I am not very sure about how it will goes if you come down all the way to Jiri. TIMS and Annapurna Conservation Area Project (ACAP) for Annapurna Circuit can be obtained
      from Nepal Tourism Board, check this article to know more about where, when &
      how to issue the ACAP and TIMS:

      If you need any further information don’t hesitate to contact me.

  8. Hi, is there a chance that we could trace the name and location of the guide that my friend hired?
    She met an accident along the way.

  9. My partner and I are flying to Kathmandu next Friday (2nd Nov) and plan to start our trip to EBC by travelling from Kathmandu to Salleri by bus on the 3rd. we arrive in Kathmandu mid day and want to make sure we have enough time to organise our TIMS, permits etc. What would you advise?

    1. You do not need to obtain TIMS and any other permits in Kathmandu if you want to start the trip from Salleri. You can go to Salleri and start your hike, buy first local permit in Phakding and
      National Park Entry Permit in Monjo.

      Actually I need to update the information but I couldn’t because of my busy schedule. I will be updating it with a nice map explaining all the details.

      Enjoy your hike, have a good one!

  10. Dear Pradeep ji,
    Your informative replies are appreciated.
    Local entry permit fees to be paid at Lukla is Rs. 2000/- Is this same for Indian Nationals, being member of SARC members? TIMS had a concessional fees.

    1. Hi Sunil,

      You don’t need TIMS these days for Everest. For Sagarmatha National Park Entry Permit there will be a cheaper price for SAARC. With local entry permit I am not sure about the different
      price for Indian. Please update once you are there!

      Have a nice trek.

    1. Hi Mint,

      You don’t need photo for local entry permit and sagarmatha national park entry permit. You will only need if you are going from Jiri for Gaurishankar Conservation Area Project (GCAP) Entry Permit.

      And there is no such restriction, just a normal passport size color photo is good enough.

      Have a nice hike!

  11. Hi Pradeep,
    May I ask where I can get a guide just for Cho La Pass? Plan to climb EBC Cho La Pass next year on our own. Understand I can get the nec permits in Lukia and Monjo, rgt?

    Very much appreciate your advice.


    1. Yes, necessary permits can be obtained in Lukla and Monjo. About the guide for Chola Pass you can try to get the one in Dzongla or Thangnak, depending on from which side you cross the

      Please note most of these local guides will just take you to the top of the pass and you have to manage to descend on other side on your own. Discuss this issue with local guide before.

      You can also follow other groups along the way, not necessarily need to have a guide for Chola Pass.

    1. I have done this trek couple years ago and I am very sure there was a checkpoint in Kinja Village or somewhere else. These days you do not need TIMS even for Jiri to Lukla. I will be updating the
      information on this page very soon.

      Thanks for pointing it out!

  12. Dear Pradeep ji,
    I am planning for EBC and Gokiyo Ri with my wife ( mid of may 2019). We will start from Lukla and come down via salleri. We are Indian. please guide me what type of permit we need and what is the cost of same ?

    1. You need to obtain local entry permit in Lukla which will cost you NPR 2000 Per Person. And you need to obtain the Sagarmatha National Park Entry Permit in Monjo, which will cost you NPR 1695 Per Person as you are Indian Citizens. Other than that you do not need any permit.

      Have a nice trek!

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